Cthulhu Day (4th day of ICAD12)

This is the fourth day of the International Cephalopod Appreciation Days, dedicated to the mystical cephalopods. The greatest of these is, of course, Cthulhu. Here I'll collect a few nightmares of the last year (following Danna Staaf's real-world ceph example).
  1. You can have your own pocket Cthulhu idol. This is practical if you are travelling in remote landlocked regions where no temple is near (via Kristian Köhntopp, https://plus.google.com/117024231055768477646/posts/PskEoDvaEH3).
  2. Tentacle wedding cake - because you inadvertently said your vows over the Necronomicon
  3. Why Cthulhu hates the world now more than ever
  4. Cthulhu lemon (via Jane Shevtsov, https://plus.google.com/109678189789435119043/posts/e2HuhsZ1s6y)
  5. Pimoa cthulhu – a spider named after Cthulhu (via The Unspeakable Vault of Doom)
  6. Lovecraft's collected stories in a single huge txt file or Lovecraft's collected works in various formats (epub etc.) by Cthulhuchick
  7. Edward P. Berglund collected a Chronology of the Cthulhu mythos" (via Ricarda Riechert, https://plus.google.com/116039508088265621542/posts/MSq6x9AqgGC)
  8. Cthulhu christmas tree (via Marcus Hammerschmitt, https://plus.google.com/115724490218563645089/posts/RXLPJvhqvbj)
  9. Evolution of man
  10. Anorganic matter (Mercury thiocyanate, Hg(SCN)2) worships Cthulhu as well (via Todd Pressler, https://plus.google.com/112756981655596411280/posts/G3tYwQ3ZQZw)
  11. Everybody probably knows the Laundry books by Charles Stross. Here is a list in case somebody doesn't have them yet:
Cthulhu sketch by Lovecraft

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