Shrew venom paper freely available

The paper "Convergent evolution of novel protein function in shrew and lizard venom" by Aminetzach et.al. (Hoekstra Lab, Harvard) has become freely available. It was mentioned last month all over the media, so I don't need to describe it here again. OTOH, Venomdoc's "The Toxicogenomic Multiverse" disappeared from his download area - but I assume everybody has got it by now.

PS: Venomdoc's page changed again - the directory "/downloads" seems to be stale, there is now a directory http://www.venomdoc.com/venomdoc/Scientific_publications_files/ which contains the multiverse paper.

OTOH, TANSTAAFL: The directories in the filesystem are now somehow preprocessed by the webserver, and the conventient link "Last modified" at the top is gone.

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