Sklaverei ist offenbar gar nicht so unpraktisch

Gerade bei Rachel Maddow (hinter einem Schneier-Interview) gefunden (Vorspulen bis ca. 3:40, vorher kommt etwas über Bankster):

Business groups are worried by the potential effects of provisions banning the import of all goods made with convict labor, forced labor, or forced or indentured child labor that were included in a [recent] Customs bill. Business source say [the bill] could cause DHS to more-actively seek-out imported products made with child labor, forced labor, or convict labor. Sources conceded that this was a sensitive issue because industry groups do not want to be seen as opposing strict mesaures guarding against human rights abuses. However, one source did expect a push from lobbyists closer to the Finance Committee markup of the bill.

Der Beitrag ist von November, aber ich bin jetzt darauf gestoßen, weil ich mal meine RSS-Abos in Ordnung gebracht habe.

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